Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunday Meal Planning (on Monday)

I was a little brain-numb yesterday after the half. I had meant to plan ahead like I did after the princess, but last week really got away from me. So, after a great night's sleep (I love how great I sleep after a race!), I got one kiddo off to school and then sat down to plan so that I can still get to the store a little later today.

Monday ~ Picnic dinner: oldest kiddo has baseball practice from 5:30 until about 7:30. Since it is his first one, I'm planning on giving him a heavy snack before practice and taking sandwiches and stuff for the rest of us to eat while he practices and then giving him something else after practice.
Tuesday ~ Tacos- we have some leftovers from our fajita dinner on Saturday evening, and since we have gymnastics, we will need something quick.
Wednesday ~ Chicken Pot Pockets (didn't have these last week)
Saturday ~ Kid's Choice- I'm trying to do this once a week as a treat for them. They are really great about eating the healthy choices that we have the rest of the week. A few weeks ago my oldest said something about really wanting chicken nuggets or something (and we do still eat out on occasion) and I told him that we are trying to eat more healthy overall. We were talking about what are good choices for us and what are not so good choices for us. I'm also hoping that by giving them a choice, they will learn to make good choices for themselves eventually. I am also hoping that by allowing them to choose they will also learn about moderation, because I truly feel that is the key.

I'm kind of glad I don't have to cook today. I can spend the day getting ready for the rest of this week. It's a pretty normal week for us here, just adding in the start of baseball :)

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  1. Hi Cara - thanks for commenting on my blog. So glad you posted your blog. I'll be following along with you now :)!

    Sems like you have one hectic schedule!