Short term goals help to complete long term goals.  These are the rewards that I am looking forward to when I accomplish each goal:

Goal met 2/16/2012! 25 pounds- New bluetooth headphones for running on the treadmill.

Goal met 4/5/2012!  30 pounds- (approx March 31, 2012) netflix account activated

Goal met 4/19/2012! 35 pounds- new shoes for spring/summer

Goal met 5/4/2012!  40 pounds- (approx April 30, 2012) Just happy to meet this one!

Goal met 5/18/2012!  45 pounds- Book a cruise for myself and my husband following our half marathon in November.

80 pounds- new phone (when I decide what I want)

100 pounds- my sister (the one who doesn't run) will " think very strongly about it (running a half with me) and probably will because you're my sister and I love you, even though I detest running"  That's a quote from her :)

110 pounds- my husband said he'd surprise me......not sure what that means.