Saturday, June 23, 2012

Training with Kiddos

This morning I took my oldest out this morning on my run. The plan was for me to do intervals, I decided to take him with me since it was something I could do at the track. He was so excited to get to go running with me this morning, he had his clothes all laid out the night before. We headed over to the track to get started. He did great, didn't complain and just kept going. He is looking forward to his next run- he'll be doing the ASYMCA Mini Mud Run along with one of my other boys in August.
Today we also celebrated a deployment milestone, and my oldest had requested red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing so after dinner we sat down with cupcakes.... As my fellow cupcake runner Run Find Your Happy Pace says "will run for cupcakes!" They were a hit!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Still going strong

So it's been a little while since I've posted, but I am having trouble finding time for blogging with school being out for summer and entertaining all of my monkeys and still keeping up with my exercise. I did set out a schedule and I completed about 75% of the workouts that I had laid out for myself, and I am happy with that. This week I had a loss of 1 pound. Better than nothing, but I was thinking it would be more. I don't think that I have been drinking enough water though. When I was losing more weight per week, I was drinking much more water and I think it was really helping. I also only had 5 solid days of eating well as opposed to the 7 days a week that I was eating well. So both of those are things I will be working on fixing this week.

I started week 2 of JMBR, which meant workouts 1 and 2 and cardio 1. Usually I will do a running workout every morning- interval, speed work, short run or long run and then the JMBR workout in the evening followed by JM ab workout as well. I'll admit, I've only made it halfway through the ab workout this week, so I'm hoping to add in the full time starting on Monday. But I will also say that I am thankful for a couple days off the ab workout- it's pretty tough :)

I'm lucky to have one of my sister's visiting me for a couple weeks so I've been able to get out and run my short and long runs outside instead of on the treadmill in the mornings. I am finding I need to get up early and get out the door to get them done before it gets too hot though. So I alternate and get a few outside runs in as well- it's really helping to be able to run outside and not always be on the treadmill.

Hopefully there will be some meal planning to post about on Sunday....

Monday, June 11, 2012

And on track...

At least so far (it is only Monday!). I stayed up way too late last night and had a little trouble waking up, but I am glad I ran first thing. It definitely helped me wake up. This evening I started week 1 of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution again. I felt really good during the workout. I used heavier weights to have more of a challenge. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of results I see over the next 90 days.  For the first JMBR that I did (up to week 10), the total loss is 22.6 pounds and 28.5 inches.  I'm pretty happy with this considering that I did fall off track part of the way through and did have trouble getting focused. So now I am starting new with numbers and we'll see where this second attempt at the full 90 day program goes.  I'm hoping that a more relaxed summer schedule (well, at least the kiddos don't have school!)  will help me be able to keep up with the workouts and be ready for fall half marathons!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Starting Again....

So, I've made it to JMBR Phase 3. But, I've had a really hard time keeping up these past two weeks. I think that Jillian may have over-estimated my abilities when she designed phase 3 :) So tomorrow I will be going back to phase 1 and work through the 90 days again. This will put me finishing around mid-September. I am hoping that by starting again when I get to phase 3 this time I will be able to complete the whole 90 days. I do have a final weight loss and inches loss for the time I did JMBR this round. I will post that soon- not sure of the totals right now. I am planning to start a new set of measurements for this round. The plan is still to do running in the morning and JMBR in the evening. I got in several miles last week and I am still focusing on speed and I am planning on a long run at some time this week or weekend.

I don't have a meal plan laid out yet for this week. I've got a couple things that didn't get cooked last week, so I may be cooking a couple of those recipes. I am planning on some zucchini pizzas that I found on skinnytaste. I am actually having some success with my garden (for the first time ever!), so we are starting to have some yummy veggies to eat. Though my younger boys are starting to make faces when I tell them we are having zucchini....they do seem excited to start getting tomatoes though- the first of those should be ready this week. As the weather really starts to heat up, I don't usually like to cook as much. This summer I am planning on more salads. I have one kiddo who really loves salads, so just 3 more to win over!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Meal Planning

So baseball is done- we had a great season, and Caleb really enjoyed it, so I am so glad that we did it even though it did make our lives a little hectic over the past couple of months. One of the things that suffered the most was our meal planning. I tried in the beginning but when we started with rainouts and make up games it just got to be a little too much. I'd have a plan and then it'd get changed at the last minute, so eventually I decided that it was better just to do the best we could.

But this week we are back to normal-ish, so back to meal planning.....
Monday: Broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken
Tuesday: Quick dinner (open house for the two oldest at school)
Wednesday: Crusted honey mustard chicken
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Chicken Cordon Bleu
Saturday: Hot dogs (hopefully following a fun outside day!)
Sunday: Leftovers or Kids' choice

This week also starts a new summer schedule for me. My kiddos still have 2 weeks left of school, but I am going to start a new training schedule for the fall halfs that I have coming up. I also have a couple things planned for the summer months, I am still planning on a half a month. Those halfs will be very low key- I am really working towards more of a time goal for my fall halfs, so that is what I'm concentrating on. When it comes to my summer halfs, I am thinking that I may split the distance over a couple different runs- maybe in the same day, maybe two different days. I just don't want to push so hard that I can't meet my ultimate goal that I have in place for the fall.

I am also going to go back to evening workouts for JMBR. I have found that time works so much better for me when it comes to that. So starting tomorrow I am planning on running in the morning and JMBR in the evening. I am really hoping that will work well for me.