Sunday, November 3, 2013

New Home!

I've been working on my new blog home for a while now!  You can now find my blog at!  Thank you for following!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tower of Terror 2013 Final Race Instructions

Final race instructions for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler are now available!  My sister and I have been waiting patiently for this information to be released.  This is her first runDisney race and my first time running the ToT 10 miler.   We are both really looking forward to the race and the weekend away, and getting the final race instructions means that it is getting close!

All information for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler can be found here:  runDisney Tower of Terror 10 Miler

Print waivers and find your bib number here!  I am bib 5042 and my sister is 5043....kind of crazy how that worked out!

Corral assignments can be found here.  There are a total of 10 corrals this year along with the elite corral.  We will be in corral G, so look for the Sea Witch and Scar if you are in that corral and say hi!

For more information about the rest of the events that weekend, you can also check the Official Race Program.  In the program you will find information on the weekend itinerary, speaker series, expo vendors, course maps, spectator information and more.

Now that I have all of this information, I am getting more and more excited about this trip and can't wait to experience this race!  

Are you running the Tower of Terror 10 Miler?  Or one of the other races that weekend?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Back to the Routine!

We are now in the second week of school and my main goal over the weekend was to come up with both a meal plan for the week and also a workout plan. Gotta make the most of the hours the kids are in school!

So my morning started early- I wanted to get up early and get in my T25 workout (Total Body Circuit) before the kids needed to get up and have breakfast. I finished up just as my oldest was coming downstairs, so perfect timing!  He actually found me "recovering" on the floor.....that was a tough workout. 

After dragging my second grader out of bed and getting breakfast served, I started my speed work treadmill run. Complete with my Magic Mile Monday:

10:47 today...not too bad, but slower than my last one. I did give myself a break because I am recovering from a very disappointing Rock n Roll half marathon last Sunday (more on that later on....)

So, the plan is to continue with the early morning T25 workouts....1 down for the week!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday's Reads 8/21 The Glass Slipper Confessions

I haven't kept up with my blog as well as I had planned to over the summer.  It's always a little different around here when it comes to summer schedules.  We are still very much in summer vacation mode at our house- school doesn't start for another week and a half and I have to say- I'm not really ready for school to start back just yet.  We've had such a busy summer that it has just flown by!  I really need to sit down and figure out our school year schedule because it will definitely take some coordinating and scheduling to get everything in!  But for now I am going to just choose to enjoy the last little bit of the lazy days of summer.   

That being said, I didn't want to miss the chance to draw some attention to a fairly new blog that I am really enjoying!  The Glass Slipper Confessions  is a blog that came online about 2 weeks ago and she has been great about posting fun, informative posts.  She also has a very active Facebook page that is also fun to follow.   I have particularly enjoyed all of her runDisney races and can't wait to follow her as she completes the Dumbo Double Dare (10k on Saturday and half marathon on Sunday) next weekend!   Please be sure to check her out!

T25 Alpha Cardio and Speed 1.0

If you like my page on Facebook, you may have seen this picture Monday night:  

That would be my husband and I after finishing our first T25 workout- Alpha Cardio.  This workout is 25 minutes long, and just packed with movement from start to finish- you seriously do not stop moving the entire time.  I did my best to keep up, but did find myself having to do the modified movements quite a bit as well.  The workout moved very quickly and was energetic and the time flew by, though there were moments that it seemed to last forever.  It was a good workout and we both felt like we got a lot out of the 25 minutes.

Then, last night we had our first encounter with Speed 1.0.  This one was a combination of speed, stability and flexibility.  I thought this one was harder than the Alpha Cardio even though there were times when you were doing a stability or flexibility move that actually provided a moment's break from the constant movement.  My husband disagreed with me- he thought it was an easier workout than the cardio.  

Today's workout will be Total Body Circuit.......I'm definitely feeling a little sore from the past two day's workouts, so we'll see how it all goes!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Pink Awareness Cupcake Virtual Race

I am thrilled to be able to help my friend at Run Find you Happy Pace with her fundraising efforts for the Susan G. Komen race for the Cure! Here is more about her and the reasons she is participating in this race in October:

My family and I are proud to be participating in Komen for the Cure in October.
I have a strong and close family history of Breast Cancer. My aunt, mother and most recently one of my sisters has been affected. I decided it was time for me to make a personal effort to help aid in the fight against Breast Cancer. I have committed to raising as much money as I can for the cause with the help of my friend over at Running In Sanity and our Cupcake Virtual Runs for Charity. So today I am happy to announce that in addition to my Breast Cancer Non-slip Headband fundraiser (for info on that click here) Running In Sanity and I are holding a Virtual Pink Awareness Cupcake 5k, 10k or half marathon. Not only will you be supporting a great cause you will get a beautiful two-tone pink glittery (because a girls got to have sparkle) diecast custom medal.

I will be running for my mom, sister and aunt....who will you be running for? 5k 10k or half marathon $20 International Races $25

Only 100 Medals will be ordered, so don't miss out!

Because this is a diecast medal, it does take time to get it produced from our production company.  Medals will not be mailed until approximately September 21.  But, do not delay in registering- the only way to guarantee your spot is to register early! 

To register you must have a PayPal account, and use the PayPal link to the top right of this page.  Registration will be $20 for United States participants and $25 for international participants. 

If you have any questions, please email

***If you are viewing this post on a mobile device, you will need to scroll to the bottom and click "view web version" to be able to see the register button on the top right***

Magic Mile Monday 8/19 and T25

This morning was another MMM, the time has been the same the past two weeks, so nothing new to report there at the moment.  I have the rock and roll half in a little less than two weeks, and I'm not expecting a new PR, but I am hoping for a great race and a good springboard for the fall/winter racing season!

Today I will also be starting the Focus T25 workout program.  This is a 10 week program with two parts- Alpha and Beta.  5 weeks of each part.  The workouts are 25 minutes long and should fit nicely in my busy schedule.  Tonight will be the first workout- and it is a cardio one.  Quick review later tonight or tomorrow!

One more thing!  Remember that if you are registered for the SuperCupcake virtual race, you are eligible to win a great skirt from Lily Bomb Athletic Wear!  If you aren't register, don't delay!  This part of the contest only runs until August 23!  All proceeds from this race benefit Team in Training!  Registration to the right --------------->