Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday's Reads 8/21 The Glass Slipper Confessions

I haven't kept up with my blog as well as I had planned to over the summer.  It's always a little different around here when it comes to summer schedules.  We are still very much in summer vacation mode at our house- school doesn't start for another week and a half and I have to say- I'm not really ready for school to start back just yet.  We've had such a busy summer that it has just flown by!  I really need to sit down and figure out our school year schedule because it will definitely take some coordinating and scheduling to get everything in!  But for now I am going to just choose to enjoy the last little bit of the lazy days of summer.   

That being said, I didn't want to miss the chance to draw some attention to a fairly new blog that I am really enjoying!  The Glass Slipper Confessions  is a blog that came online about 2 weeks ago and she has been great about posting fun, informative posts.  She also has a very active Facebook page that is also fun to follow.   I have particularly enjoyed all of her runDisney races and can't wait to follow her as she completes the Dumbo Double Dare (10k on Saturday and half marathon on Sunday) next weekend!   Please be sure to check her out!

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