Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Favorite Things...

I thought if start with an easy favorite thing.  I've worn New Balance Minimus shoes since I started running. The first pair I had were the Minimus Zero Trail shoes and then I got these, the Minimus Zero which are designed for road running. I've been very happy running in these shoes, they are light and I love he minimalist feel of the shoe. I don't like a lot of cushion, so these work great for me. 

Finding the right shoe can make all the difference for running. If you are thinking of taking up running and looking for shoes, I recommend going to your local running store (not a big chain store, but a smaller local one) and having someone help you figure out what shoe you need. It can save you money in the long run if you get the right shoe from the beginning. 

Also pictured are my sweat pink laces and my 13.1 Shubeez shoe tag....more on those another time. 

*Disclaimer- these opinions are not endorsed by any of the before mentioned companies and I was not compensated in any way for my opnions*

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

After a Blogging Break.....

Time to come back to a regular blogging schedule.  I have been brainstorming over the past couple of weeks and deciding where I'd like my blog to go from here.  I really enjoy blogging about running, exercise, weight loss and in general becoming a healthier person and a better example for my kids.  I just feel like I need a little more structure to my blog to keep me more accountable and keep the posts coming on a more regular basis.  So I've come up with some topics to help me stay more active with my blog (especially with summer's always hard to stay on track when everyone is out of school and we have less structure in our daily lives).  I won't only post about these topics, but I'm hoping that by having some "assigned topics" I won't have as much blogger writers block :)

Monday:  Magic Mile Monday~ I am really working on my pace this summer, so each Monday I am going to run a mile for time, and the goal is to see improvement over time.

Tuesday: Random Race Topics~ I like to research races before I run them, I also like to check out different races and dream about races I'd like to do one day. 

Wednesday:  Fellow Blogger Shout out~  I follow several (ok, a lot!) of great blogs.  I'll share from other blogs and invite readers to link their blogs in the comment section.

Thursday: My favorite things~ just what it sounds like. 

Friday:  Family Fun~ weekends are usually our family time.  We've gotten a lot better about being more active as a family, I'll do my best to highlight some of our adventures.

Saturday:  Weekly Workout Wrap Up

Sunday:  Menu Planning/Posting

I don't plan on posting everyday, but I know that having more topics on hand you'll see more posts from me more often. In the meantime.....

Keep Running in Sanity

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Firework Cupcake Virtual Race

The next great cupcake virtual is now open for registration!  On our around July 4th, we invite you to run the Firework Cupcake virtual run!  Again, all proceeds for this race will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.  Here are the choices:

~ Race and medal only ~ $20 (US Residents)
~ Race and medal only ~ $25 (International Participants)
~ Race, medal and Headband from Running Happy ~ $26 (US Residents)
~ Race, medal and Headband from Running Happy ~ $31 (International Participants)

The medal will be a 2 1/2" cupcake diecast medal that will look like this:

And the ribbon for the Headband from Running Happy will be a fun red, white and blue chevron:

You an choose any distance 5k, 10k, half marathon.  We look forward to seeing any fun pictures or posts!

Registration will close on June 2nd to allow for us to get the medals mailed out so that you can have them before your race (as long as you are a US resident- can't make any promises for international participants!)

Thank you for your continued support of TNT!

Registration via PayPal on top right ------------>