Tuesday, May 28, 2013

After a Blogging Break.....

Time to come back to a regular blogging schedule.  I have been brainstorming over the past couple of weeks and deciding where I'd like my blog to go from here.  I really enjoy blogging about running, exercise, weight loss and in general becoming a healthier person and a better example for my kids.  I just feel like I need a little more structure to my blog to keep me more accountable and keep the posts coming on a more regular basis.  So I've come up with some topics to help me stay more active with my blog (especially with summer coming....it's always hard to stay on track when everyone is out of school and we have less structure in our daily lives).  I won't only post about these topics, but I'm hoping that by having some "assigned topics" I won't have as much blogger writers block :)

Monday:  Magic Mile Monday~ I am really working on my pace this summer, so each Monday I am going to run a mile for time, and the goal is to see improvement over time.

Tuesday: Random Race Topics~ I like to research races before I run them, I also like to check out different races and dream about races I'd like to do one day. 

Wednesday:  Fellow Blogger Shout out~  I follow several (ok, a lot!) of great blogs.  I'll share from other blogs and invite readers to link their blogs in the comment section.

Thursday: My favorite things~ just what it sounds like. 

Friday:  Family Fun~ weekends are usually our family time.  We've gotten a lot better about being more active as a family, I'll do my best to highlight some of our adventures.

Saturday:  Weekly Workout Wrap Up

Sunday:  Menu Planning/Posting

I don't plan on posting everyday, but I know that having more topics on hand you'll see more posts from me more often. In the meantime.....

Keep Running in Sanity

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  1. I've started a calendar and putting my topics on there for a few weeks out. It's helped me plan a little better! :-)