Monday, August 19, 2013

Magic Mile Monday 8/19 and T25

This morning was another MMM, the time has been the same the past two weeks, so nothing new to report there at the moment.  I have the rock and roll half in a little less than two weeks, and I'm not expecting a new PR, but I am hoping for a great race and a good springboard for the fall/winter racing season!

Today I will also be starting the Focus T25 workout program.  This is a 10 week program with two parts- Alpha and Beta.  5 weeks of each part.  The workouts are 25 minutes long and should fit nicely in my busy schedule.  Tonight will be the first workout- and it is a cardio one.  Quick review later tonight or tomorrow!

One more thing!  Remember that if you are registered for the SuperCupcake virtual race, you are eligible to win a great skirt from Lily Bomb Athletic Wear!  If you aren't register, don't delay!  This part of the contest only runs until August 23!  All proceeds from this race benefit Team in Training!  Registration to the right --------------->

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