Monday, March 19, 2012

Doing My Part

Deployments are hard. I try not to complain, but they are hard. Hard on the military member, hard on the family members at home. I set a goal for myself before this deployment started. My goal is to run a half marathon every month. At first I thought it would be a fun goal to have, a way to lose weight, a couple weekends out of town, but it really has turned into much more than that. Sunday I realized that I am setting an example for my kids. Taking care of myself is a very important lesson to teach them. I am so many things to my kids while my husband is gone. I am trying my best to make sure all logistics are taken care of- everyone gets to school on time, homework done, laundry, after school activities, meals (because they do want to eat everyday!), and everything else that comes with being a mom to a busy household. Every other deployment before this one I thought that was my part- make sure we all got through as happy as possible, trying to make sure that the kiddos felt the effects of deployment as little as possible. As it turns out, seeing me complete a goal like this is also my part. Showing my children how to be active and eat healthy are lessons that they will never forget. I am doing my part to show them what it is like to say I am going to do something and to do it to the best of my ability. And that is my contribution to this deployment. And it is paying off already....

I watched my oldest complete the "Operation Smile Final Mile" on Saturday morning. I am so proud of him- he had been running at school and logged 25.2 miles and then Saturday he ran with over 4000 other elementary school students that had signed up. He was so excited to run- I had picked up his race shirt and goodie bag while he was at school on Friday. When he got home and I showed it to him, he changed his shirt right away and checked out his bag (one of the drawstring backpack kinds). Saturday morning he got ready for his race and kept asking when it was time to leave. We got parked and got him down to the oceanfront and into his corral for the start. He was running with one of our neighbors. Waiting to start.
Getting close to the finish:
He completed his marathon!

He is so proud of that medal- and he should be! I know that there was a time that I couldn't run a mile. I know how hard a mile can be. Here is this 7 year old who ran his mile (and the 25.2 before that!) and loved it! He's already asking about his next race. He's asked more than once when he can do a half marathon.

I have to say, I am now proud of the example I am setting for him. I feel like I am doing my part.


  1. You are most definitely doing your part - above and beyond. I'm so proud of you! You're doing an amazing job - and it's not just the kiddos you're setting an example for. Love you!

    - Sarah

  2. First, let me say thank you to your husband for serving. I am very grateful for the brave men and women like him that keep us safe and protect our freeedom.

    Second, you are amazing for taking care of a family on your own during deployments. That takes a very special type of person as well!

    Congratulations to your son - that is an amazing accomplishment at 7 years old!

    You should be proud that you are providing an example to your kids that will stay with them for life. You taking care of yourself and teaching your kids is not easy, but you're doing it and that's amazing!