Thursday, March 29, 2012

4 Down, 86 To Go

Day 4 of JMBR is behind me. On the schedule tonight- workout 1 and cardio 1, basically a repeat of Monday's workout. I am happy to have it behind me. This workout was by far the hardest for me to get started. This evening we said good bye to one of the great families on our street. They are off on a brand new adventure, and I am very excited to follow them via facebook and their wonderful blog. I will miss them, but that isn't why it was hard for me to get started. This little guy was the reason:
We said goodbye to our neighbors and headed home (no tears, just happy goodbyes). I got Sophie changed and tucked in and went to tuck in Tyler and Garett and poor little Garett man was just crying. You see, he loves Miss Sue (she gives gum, has a tape measure in her purse and tells awesome stories- what more can you want?). I don't think he understood until today that they were moving and that she wasn't going to live just down the street and would not be able to take him to preschool and gymnastics. We talked, I hugged him and told him that we'd still be able to read about what Miss Sue would be doing on the computer and that she'd probably even share pictures once in a while. He seemed ok. I hugged Tyler and then went to tuck in Caleb. I got my clothes changed and soon all I heard was Garett crying again. I went to try to comfort him, gave him hugs again and he seemed to be settled. I went downstairs to get started, got my water and I heard him crying again. I was really at a loss as to what to do next. So, even though I didn't want to bother our neighbors (they were trying to get everything out of the house), I felt like the only thing I could do was to let him say goodbye again. So, I walked Garett down the street so that he could get one more hug from his special friend. She gave him a pack of gum (totally awesome in Garett's eyes!) and they talked for a minute or so and we headed back home. It seemed to work, he was able to be calm enough to go to sleep.

So after all that, I finally forced myself to get started. I was a little drained after watching my little one cry- I hated that part. But I worked through and I am glad I did- I really want to commit to everyday of this 90 day plan. I know that things may possibly come up outside of my control, but I am not planning on missing one. Weigh in day tomorrow...wonder what that will bring...I've been following the JMBR page on facebook. It is encouraging to see the progress of people who have been doing this longer, I am anxious to see how my body changes during this process as well.

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  1. Oh, sorry your little one had trouble saying goodbye - that's never fun.

    Great job sticking with it and doing your workout even though you were drained!