Friday, January 13, 2012


It is so windy outside today that it woke me up this morning (before my alarm- ugh!). As I laid there and listened to the wind I was totally dreading my long run today. Even last week when it was barely windy, pushing the jogging stroller was frustrating enough, today was going to be horrible. Then I remembered that my neighbor (husband also gone) and I had discussed child swapping so each of us could do our long runs without having to take a kiddo too. Yesterday we talked about doing those on Saturday, so once I decided I would take her up on that offer I was left with the decision to get up and do a shorter run this morning or not. I didn't do anything yesterday so I thought it was better to at least get up and do something. So I got up and got Caleb ready for school and then got started. I thought I'd try out a 4.5 mph mile and see what happened. I was actually able to complete a mile and a half before my boredom got the better of me (ok, I was a little tired also, but mostly bored). The pace felt good, I think I will try it out on my long run tomorrow. I know I probably won't keep it up, but I am going to work towards that, hoping to stay under the 16 minute pace that is required for the half that I am running in two weeks. More to come on that run later....

Now we are off and running for the day- a stop at the grocery store (because Monday is a day off school, and I really don't feel like torturing myself with a trip to the store on a holiday with all four), pick up a birthday gift for a party tomorrow, and make the buffalo chicken dip for the party tonight. I'm anxious to see how these "healthier" versions of some of my favorite dips turn out- reviews for those later this weekend.

And the big news of the day- it is weigh in day- down 5.4 pounds this week! That number thrills me. I've been paying very close attention to what I've been eating this week and I've exercised 4 out of 7 days this week. I'll probably try to increase the number of workout days this week. I didn't run or do any other kind of exercise yesterday and my attitude really suffered for it. I want to at least get on the treadmill or outside for some kind of exercise every day. That's going to be the goal for this week (along with some more pounds).

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