Thursday, January 5, 2012

A couple new things

Yesterday was my first long interval day with my new running schedule. Before my husband left, he left me with 4 short interval running workouts and 4 long interval running workouts to rotate through. As of right now, my schedule is to do short intervals on Monday, long intervals on Wednesday, and my long runs are scheduled for Friday. My run yesterday was to run 800 meters as fast as I could and then rest the same amount of time as it took to run. Repeated 4 times. As always, I started off way too ambitious. I started off at 6 mph, but ended up the first one at 5 mph. Then was the nice break. I got some water, checked on the kids and got ready to start again. I managed to finish them all, with an average of 5 mph for them all, slowing and speeding back up. It was a great workout, and I even get to add 2 miles to my running total :)

New thing #2- I've joined weight watchers online (I mean, do they really think I can make a meeting without childcare?!?!?). I am now actively counting, measuring and paying attention to everything I eat. I've never liked being so anal about food, but I've come to accept that it is something I'm going to have to do. Sure, I can run at my current weight, but I simply want to be healthier over all, so this is what has to be done. The days of counting points are in front of me, but it is something I'm looking forward to. I'm mostly looking forward to the end result, but I also am enjoying the researching of all of the new recipes and planning out meals (I do love to plan!). So now I will also post some new recipes and reviews of them by myself and my kiddos. Because, honestly, that's the part that is always hard for me- to find kid friendly recipes that also fit a healthy lifestyle.

And on that note- tonight's dinner is Spinach Lasagna Rolls that can be found on Skinnytaste. They were really easy to make and are now cooking. Because of the rolls, they are all portioned out and each roll is 6 points. I'm really looking forward to having them for dinner. My oldest actually picked them out- I was searching recipes online and he pointed to them and said we should have them for dinner. Hopefully he likes them as well as he liked the picture!

The verdict is in on the spinach lasagna rolls- I had 4 clean plates after everyone declared that they 'loved' them.  My oldest even went as far as to say he wanted to have them every day.  I thought they were very good, and I'm not a fan of spinach at all.  It is a recipe I would recommend to a friend though!

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