Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This morning was a good interval run. 5 minutes on, 3 minutes off. The best part? I did them all over 4.5 mph. Looking back, I probably could have gone faster. Which means I probably should have gone faster. Which means next time I will go faster. I felt good when I was done, which made the rest of the day go well also.

I changed up our menu for the evening as well. Instead of the crusted honey mustard chicken, I decided to make the tuna noodle casserole instead. I chose to make the change because it seemed like a nice comforting thing to have on a gross rainy day outside. The bonus? I liked it, kids liked it. I will probably switch out the peas for broccoli next time. My kids are bigger fans of broccoli than peas (as am I)! But definitely one we'll have again.

The reason for the change? We are going to a birthday party on Friday, and then we got invited to a dinner on Saturday as well. So then I was faced with the challenge of finding something to take to these two events. I went back to SkinnyTaste to see what she had to offer. I decided on this Buffalo Chicken Dip for the birthday party and since the dinner Saturday is mexican, I am planning on making this Skinny Taco Dip for that one. I'll let you know how they compare to the real things!

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