Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Meal Planning

Yesterday was a bit crazy for us. A birthday party in the morning that went into the afternoon and a dinner that evening, squeezing in a run just didn't seem like a good idea. I went with reorganizing the kitchen instead. But I will say that skipping that early morning run was a bad idea. My attitude is definitely affected by a lack of exercise. That was a mistake that I fixed this morning! I actually waited on everyone to get up (I decided that after seeing it was going to be a high of 39 this morning that it was going to be a pj day), after getting them all fed breakfast, I got on the treadmill and got started. I didn't go as far as I had planned, but I decided to make a 5k out of it. I finished 3.1 miles in 46:20. Pretty great since my last 5k was almost 55 minutes. Tomorrow is a short interval day. I really think that these intervals are making all the difference.

So the recipe reviews- both the Buffalo Chicken Dip and the Skinny Taco Dip were great! I would make both again. The only thing I would change about the taco dip is I would not add as much salsa- it made it a little more runny than I like, but it tasted amazing! I added avocado also because I just love avocado. I just cut it up and added it to the tomato layer. I loved them both and so did everyone else!

This week's meal plan:
Wednesday: It is my kids school's night at Chick Fil A, so we will be there for dinner- planning ahead will make all the difference
Friday: I'm going out with for a progressive dinner. I do know the restaurants that we are going to, so again, planning ahead is key!
Sunday: Leftover day as we get ready for the week!

We didn't have the crusted honey mustard chicken last week because of the last minute things we were invited to, so since I already had what we need for it, it just makes sense for us to have it this week!

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