Friday, January 27, 2012

Neverland 5k

This 5k came at the end of a very long day. My flight left Norfolk at 5:45 am, landed in Atlanta and after a short layover, I was off to John Wayne airport, landing there at 10:50 am. I didn't check any bags, so I was able to go over to catch my shuttle to the hotel. I was able to check into my hotel but since the room wasn't ready I left my bag at the hotel and headed over to the expo to pick up my race packets. I wandered around the expo a while, picked up a couple things and soon after I got a text saying that my room was ready.

Along with my entrance to the Neverland 5k, I was also given a twilight ticket to Disneyland. I changed my clothes and made my way over to the park.

Sleeping Beauty's castle

Entrance to the park

After wandering around the park, riding some rides, and getting an early dinner, I wandered back out of the park and met up with my roommate for the weekend. After talking for a little while, it was time for me to make my way to the start line.

Walking towards the start- this run started in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle. It was very windy this evening, a little cool, but not too bad. I was happy that I decided to wear long pants and long sleeves.
Waiting on the start

This run started at 10:30, we ran through Disneyland and then ended in California Adventure. Unfortunately, I only got one photo at the end before my phone died. It was a very fun run and a great way to end a long day. I slept wonderfully! Finishing time was 45:48, 15:15 pace. It was not a run I was setting out to complete with a PR, but it did happen. I will say that I would have finished faster but this run truly was a fun run- lots of darting in and out of walkers, having to slow down quite a bit in the park- so even though this is a PR for me for a 5k, I do know I could have done better :)

So there you go!

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