Monday, February 20, 2012

My Weekend Struggle

I have a hard time getting a run in over the weekend.  This happens most weekends.  Weekdays are easy- it's built into my schedule.  I get up, get Caleb breakfast, make sure everything is ready for him to get out the door and get on the treadmill.  By the time I am done, the other two boys are up and I get them breakfast and then get my shower.  By then Sophie is up and we are all up and moving ready to take on the day!
Saturday is different.  There isn't an alarm going off to wake anyone up.  I am usually woken up by one of the boys coming to snuggle.  It is really hard for me to interrupt that time- there seem to be so few of the snuggly, sleepy, quiet moments that happen in our house.  I usually run a short distance/time Monday-Friday, so missing that Saturday morning run isn't that big of a deal, except I did plan to run on Saturdays for my longer run.  I have been very committed to my weekday runs, and I know that has paid off.  And even with my shorter runs, I am increasing speed and mileage with every week.  But, since I had planned on doing a Saturday run, I feel like I am letting myself down.
So the answer to that problem would be just to run during the day sometime, right?  That's almost impossible.  Not because there isn't time, but because I feel so guilty for taking the time away to run.  Gotta find a way to get over that guilt (or figure out how to squeeze a long run into the week).

On another note- I switched up today's menu.  We had corndog waffles instead.  My kiddos loved them.  We had broccoli as a side, and since I used turkey hotdogs and made the batter myself, they were healthier than they sound :)  We had them with broccoli- a much better choice than the tater tots we used to have with hotdogs!

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  1. I totally get the "mommy guilt". It's not easy, that's for sure. If it's something you really want, and it is so healthy for you, then go for it. I bet your mood will be so elevated from getting it done, and you will have lots more energy to have fun with the kids throughout the day.