Monday, February 6, 2012

Crusted Honey Mustard Chicken Review

I thought it was good, all the kids ate it, so it is a keeper. One thing I was unsure of was the points value. WW has it as a 16 point per serving recipe. I thought that was extremely high for a serving. I decided to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder to see what it came up with. Also, I decided to skip the dill and scallions, so really the recipe was just the 1/3 cup of lite honey mustard dressing (I used Kraft reduced fat honey dijon), 1 cup cornflakes and 1 lb chicken cut into 4- 4 oz pieces. After I plugged that into the recipe builder, it came up to 6 points per serving. Much better! A side of broccoli completed this meal. After reading some of the reviews of the recipe on WW, I realized that I was not the only one who thought it was a high point value recipe and adjusted it using the recipe builder. I also used my ridged baker from Pampered Chef- it kept the chicken from sitting in the juice that chicken creates when it bakes, so the outside was crispy. Yummy! It is one we will definitely have again!

So I switched my interval days up a little. I did a long interval today and will do my short interval on Wednesday. I did long interval #1, each of the 800 meters I did at 5 mph. Not an average like last time, but at 5 mph the whole time. I'm very happy with that. Next month when I do this interval again I am hoping to do it at 5.5 mph. Tomorrow I am planning on doing my 10 minute trainer video as well as walk/jog a couple miles or so. We'll see how the morning goes!

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