Saturday, April 20, 2013

Whole30 Day 13 Menu

Breakfast-  eggs, apples

Lunch- we went to Jason's Deli, so I had salad and fruit.  It was just nice not to worry about cooking :)

Dinner- Grilled chicken and grilled butternut squash.  I actually had a send-off gathering for my Team in Training Nike Half event to go to, so I did not eat at home, but I have been told the grilled butternut squash was wonderful.  The chicken was marinaded in a fajita marinade that we've used often before, so I know that was yummy :)

I had a great time at my TNT send off party, we have a great team and I am excited to complete this event with them.  Next week we'll be traveling to Washington, DC to participate in the Nike Women's half marathon.  I am looking forward to the time away and to completing a new race :)

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