Sunday, April 21, 2013

(Almost) Halfway Thoughts

As I approach halfway on this, I've got a couple confessions to make....  I've been a little off plan this weekend.  Friday I was very frustrated.  I started this only looking for two main things- an increase in energy and weight loss.  Well, in my first week, I lost 10 pounds.  Great, right?  I thought so.  But I also knew it wouldn't continue like that- nor did I really want to, but I was still expecting loss over the week.  But nothing....well, 1/2 a pound- and that was with me running more than the week before.  And that energy that I was looking for.....nope.  I didn't feel any better or worse than the time before I began the Whole30.  So, with not feeling any different and with no weight loss, I was frustrated.

Friday my husband and I went to lunch.  We decided to go to a sushi place and I had one of the boxed lunches with a california roll, salad, tempura shrimp, veggies and rice.  And let me tell you what happened as the day went on....I felt great.  I did a glow in the dark run with my husband and friend of mine that evening.  I usually do walk/run for races, but this time I was able to run the whole time, making it my longest consecutive run to date.  We didn't time it, but it was a decent pace, and definitely just for fun.

Saturday I woke up feeling good and went back to plan of my eggs and apples for breakfast, along with a lunch that was on plan as well.  I did have a couple off plan items at my TNT send off dinner, but again, I felt great.

Over the weekend, I have not had a change in weight, but I have felt more energetic.  So, I'm not 100% sure about Whole30.  I know I no longer have a "real" whole30 now, but I am going to continue on best I can over the next 16 days and see what happens.  And maybe I will try another full whole30 in the future, but this is what I've got for now.

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