Saturday, July 21, 2012

Friday Weigh In

It's been a while since I've actually done a weigh in. Mostly because weight was not going down or was going up....but I've fixed that this week! With my Jillian Michaels Body Revolution (JMBR) workouts and my running, I'm down 1.4 pounds this week. I do need to remember to drink more water though, I don't think that I have been drinking as much water as I should be. But at least that is a problem that I can easily fix!

On the schedule for this next week- I'll be moving on to week 7 of JMBR, which will bring in two new strength workouts for the week, and will still be doing carido 2. Running will be 4 days again, that seems to be just the right amount- one short interval, one long interval, one long run and one shorter run.

This morning I was able to attend a lemonade stand put on by two great kiddos! They were wanting to do a lemonade stand and their mom gave them three charity choices to raise money for. They chose to help me raise money to reach my Team in Training goal for LLS! I was really honored that they chose to use their time and efforts to help me. With the donations from their sale, they raised over $90! That is a great start in my fundraising and I really appreciate those who were able to come out to have some lemonade and to talk and visit for a while this morning.

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