Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Big Week!

This has been a pretty big week for me and my little running journey! First I decided to share my page with anyone and everyone who would listen and now I've decided to join up with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Team in Training to run the Tinker Bell half marathon in January!

I did not make the decision to join up with TNT lightly- it's a pretty big commitment. I have been thinking on it for a few days, trying to figure out the fundraising, the logistics of going out of town (even though that has some time to work out), the commitment to another half and training through the holidays. But there were a couple of things that this came down to 1- I really want to use my running to give back and 2- I really want to run this race again.

So here is what it boils down to- I've set my goal for fundraising at $3800. That's a lot. I am working on some creative ways to raise the funds, but I am also open to any ideas that you may have for me!

Here's what I have planned so far:
~At least one virtual race- with bling of course! Look for those details soon!
~I am a senior consultant with Thirty One Gifts, and I will have an open online show every month with all my profits going towards my goal- new specials each month will allow for fun shopping each month, and everyone who places an order will be put into a drawing for a free Organizing Utility Tote of you choice with free personalization! This will happen every month. July's Party!
~I have plans to speak with some local restaurants about fundraiser nights.
~I am hoping to put together a raffle as well, more details on that coming also

How can you help?
~SHARE my page with friends and family! Both my blog and my Facebook page
~DONATE through my personal TNT page (found on the top right of this page!) If you can't personally donate, please share with anyone you may think is interested!
~CONTACT ME if you have any ideas for fundraising!

I appreciate the support of everyone, it has been a great journey so far and I am very excited for what is to come!


  1. Cara, I think you are a true inspiration and I'm so proud to call you a friend. Let the fundraising begin!!

  2. You got this! Congratulations for helping to end blood cancer!