Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A new type of training

So I asked for advice on my training from my husband. He definitely has more experience with working out and training than I do so I like to run things by him. I've been following a plan laid out by Jeff Galloway. He is the official trainer for the run Disney events. Phillip looked over what the plan was and suggested a few changes. Today was the first of the changes.

So today I was doing 800 meter intervals. Basically running 800 meters and then taking a 2 minute break. Phillip suggested I do them at a 4 mph pace (I did them on the treadmill so I could make sure to stay on pace). Well, I'm stubborn and competitive, so I decided to do them at a 5 mph pace. I was able to do two at that pace, and then finished 3 more at a 4.5 mile pace. My left knee is hurting a little, hopefully that'll just go away. 4 mile run on Friday :)

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