Sunday, November 13, 2011

Half of a Half

It was a great day for a race. The weather was nice, which always makes me have a better attitude. Phillip and I were running a relay with two of our other neighbors. Phillip ran the first 6.7 miles in about 58 minutes which gave me plenty of time to finish the second 6.4 miles and not come in last (always my goal). I got a new Nike+ sports watch earlier this week and today was my first time trying it out. I have to say I'm very happy with it. I was able to plug it into my computer and get all of my stats as soon as I got home. I did my 6.4 miles in 1:44:53, with an average pace of 16:32, 20 seconds faster than my average pace from the wicked 10k two weeks ago! The intervals are working! My fastest mile was 15:06- about 4 mph. I'm very happy with my progress so far and I'm really looking forward to my next 5k in 11 days. I'd love to finish that in 45 minutes, so that is the goal!

Here is a picture of team running in sanity from our first relay together and a couple of our running neighbors as well

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