Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Meal Planning

This past week I tried out several new recipes and had success with each of them, I'm hoping that I have similar success this week.  I'm on track for home cooked meals so far- I cooked at least one meal each day, and I'm hoping to continue that this week.

Monday- Baked Chicken Parmesan from Skinytaste.   New recipe- this will be a first for us, but with it being chicken and noodles, I don't think it can go wrong.

Tuesday- Slow Cooker Chicken Black Bean Tacos.  Tuesday is still our gymnastics day, and since this is one that can be done in the crock pot, it makes for an easy dinner for one of our busiest nights.

Wednesday- Spinach Lasagna Rolls- we didn't have this last week, so I'm keeping it on the menu for this week.

Thursday- Crock Pot Italian Turkey Meatballs- we've had this before, and the kids liked it.  So I'm hoping it will go over as well this time as the last.

Friday- Pizza night with homemade pizza.  I'm still looking for a good sauce recipe, but I've got a little more time.  I like trying out new options.....anyone have a favorite pizza sauce recipe?

Saturday- Crock Pot Potato Cheese Soup- I really liked this one the last time we had it and it is fairly easy.  We've been working on reorganizing our house, so with an easy meal, we can get a lot more done.

Sunday- Leftover night

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