Friday, January 4, 2013

Pizza Night!

Tonight we had pizza like our normal Friday night, but instead of ordering, everything was made at home.  I used our new bread machine to make the pizza dough and while that was going I made the pizza sauce.  I found this recipe for the pizza sauce using my vitamix (which means my pizza sauce was done in about 5 minutes!).  

The pizza dough was finished in about 45 minutes and then I took it out and divided it into 4 pieces:

I did a kiddo pizza with just cheese, this was before baking:

And the finished adult pizza with sausage and mushrooms:

The result?  Again- every bit was gone and it was delicious.  I'm really looking forward to trying out new pizza toppings on our next pizza night.  The sauce was good as well, but I think I am going to continue to look for a different sauce that we just love....

Today was a rest day from running, I will be doing my long run tomorrow morning, hoping that the new pain in my hip will go away overnight :)

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