Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Great Pumpkin Race Registration Now Open!

First off, thank you for your support of The Great Cupcake Race!

Along with some help from Run Find your Happy Pace, we are happy to bring you The Great Pumpkin Race and Mini Pumpkin Mile!

When is the race? Well, it's virtual, so any time around October 13, whatever works for your schedule!
The Great Pumpkin Race is a 5k or 10k, you make the choice! The Mini Pumpkin Mile is an opportunity to get out and get your kiddos running with you as well!

This is the medal for the Great Pumpkin Race:

This is the medal for the Mini Pumpkin Mile. Open to children up to age 12:
And, we are able to bring you another Bondi Band selection for this race, the pattern is "pumpkin dot"!

Here are the options:
The Great Pumpkin Race 5k/10k, medal and Bondi Band- $27
The Great Pumpkin Race 5k/10k with medal- $20

The Mini Pumpkin Mile with medal- $10 per child

***Registration will close September 23***
(so you can receive your medal before the event!)

Thank you for your continued support!


  1. i'm in love with that medal! can't wait for the details!! :)

  2. These are so cute...I will be joining with my 2 grand daughters they will love these! Thanks

  3. All registered and super excited! SPA love :)

  4. I'm in for the 10k and my girls the kid run right?

  5. Don't have Paypal need mailing address for this race.... email: than you

  6. I just registered Josiah and I for this one... weee! :)

  7. I am all registered!!

  8. Are the Bondi Bands sold out? I don't see the option to pay for it anymore.

  9. I also did not see an option to get the bondi band but I put through the payment for the rest. I'd love to get one of the bands if they become available again!