Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Great Cupcake Race Winners!

We had some great items to giveaway!  We chose winners by random draw after race registration closed.  Here are our winners:

The Great Cupcake Race T-Shirt from JBRugby
Michelle Corey
Jacqueline Riveria

"i run for cupcakes" tumbler from Havasu Decals Runner Decals 
Michelle Krause

Cupcake Thermal Tote from 31 Gifts
Dawn LaBay

"i run for cupcakes" Window Decal from Havasu Decals Runner Decals
Barbara Affinito
Carrie Dalek
Maria Jensen
Carrie Patterson
Georgette Becker
Sandra Sofalvi
Kim Doll Clothes
Jody Miller
Karen Morris
Mary Meadows
Lyndi Keller
Jenni Henscheid
Sue Weems
Angela Wildermuth
Candice Hope
Sarah McCutheon
Stephanie Cavalier
Susan Williams
Julia Hicks
Christine Rockery
Wildflower Photography
Hala Russo
Holly Frye
Samuel Stepp
Liz Fentress
Jessica Tuveson
Mariana Mendible
Joyce Nash
Molly Ritterback

Small Cupcake Decal From Havasu Decals Runner Decals
Kelly Linman
Roger Bussan
Jessica Molstad
Christy Blankenship
Lisa Mercado
Angelene Willie
Amber Grasso
Jenni Henscheid
Lori Bebeteau
Christina Mordhorst
Courtney Della Penna
Sorina Angeles
Shelley Bowles
Hannah Landry
Allison Clark
Maggie Simpson
Pam Burrus
Kathryn Krause
Alyson Saucier
Vickie Alford
Betsy Szatkowski
Sarah Gabriel
Kristein Galemore
Hannah Nelson
Suzy Forcher
Noretta Fish
Vanessa Palumbo
Kerri Morgan

Mini Peace Girl Runner From Havasu Decals Runner Decals
Mariella Macias
Olivia Zade
Deborah Miller
Bethany Barlow
Danielle Borgo
Martinella Dryburgh
Jodie Nemeth
Cindy Fentress
S Caines
Sara Johnson
Cassidy Sumpter
Olivia Henson
Shawna Dance
Melyssa Silvard

Finisher Magnet From Run Find Your Happy Pace
Lisa DeGroff
Kristin Adams
Taitha Reber
Julie Weidner
Kelly Dunn
Sarah Wells
Pam Gordon
Erika Wemer
Cassey Shaw
Candace Harmon
Lisa Bussell
Christina Litschel
Trina Hall
Regina Lyon
Rebecca Lui
Tonya Miller
Leslie Doades
Mary Katherine Joyner
Kristiana Larimore
Katie Martin
Chelsea Hardy
Kim McKee
Rebecca Austin
LaVonna Mims

Congratulations to all who won something!  Thank you to the people who donated generously so that we could provide a little extra 'cupcake happiness' along with our race!  


  1. Yay!! I won a magnet!!!! Thanks!!!!!

  2. Congratulations to the winners! ~Susan~ RunnerDecals

  3. I won a decal! Congrats to all of the winners!

  4. Yea I won a decal. Thanks so much excited about the run.

  5. Would it be possible to change the shipping address for the decal that I won (instead of where my medal was sent?) I just moved. If not, no worries, I'll have my parents send it to me whenever it arrives. Thanks!