Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Getting Back on Track

Summer is always a little hard for me when it comes to paying attention to what I eat.  Our schedule is more relaxed- we tend to eat out a little more because we don't usually have to worry about getting up early for anything.  So I am joining a new DietBet to help keep me more accountable.  I had good success with the past DietBets that I have done.  I was able to pay for most of my entry into the Glass Slipper Challenge with my winnings!

If you don't know how DietBet works, it's pretty simple.  You pay the fee to join the bet (I usually stick to $25 bets) and submit a photo weigh-in and then after 4 weeks you submit a final weigh-out photo and as long as you lost 4% of your starting weight, you split the pot with anyone else who lost 4%.    There is a message board you can post on in your game and there is even a mobile app so that you can keep up with your game on the go.

If you are interested, consider joining the game I just joined:


  1. Link didn't work for me. What's the name of the Dietbet so we can search for it?

    1. Sorry, if you copy and paste the link, it should work. I'll try to fix it :)