Friday, May 18, 2012

It's Diva Weekend

Another month, another half :) The car is packed and I'm ready- well, the car is packed...

In just a bit, I'll load up my littlest one (and the real diva of the bunch!) and my Find Your Happy Pace friend and I will go and pick up my other monkeys from school and start out on our drive. We'll be meeting up with my mom (who will take over the monkeys) and my sister around dinner time and then Mom and monkeys will head back to my parent's house for the weekend and sister, friend and I will continue on to Run Like a Diva. The race is Sunday, so we'll have time to explore the expo and hang out for a bit on Saturday before consuming our pre-race fajitas (a new tradition that started in Disney World) and getting to bed early. If you are running this weekend, good luck! Can't wait to hear about your experience :)

In other exciting news this week, I completed Phase 2 of JMBR. It was a good phase, not a great one for me. I really hit that lull during this phase and definitely did not put forth my best effort all the time. But, not quitting really is key sometimes- just getting it done is what matters. Phase 3 will start on Monday. But, here are the numbers: this week, I lost 3.2 pounds, total for phase 2- 10.6 pounds and 9.5 inches overall. I'm still really liking this program, it is challenging and I am really excited to have the consistent results :)


  1. Good luck on your race this weekend!! And way to go on the weight loss!! :D

  2. Great job on the inches and weight loss - awesome!!!

    Good luck at your race, I'm sure you'll do great!