Friday, October 28, 2011


is the Wicked 10k here in VA beach. I'm looking forward to a race- it'll be the first one since my half marathon over Labor Day. We (my husband is running also) went to the race expo today to pick up our race numbers, so now we just wait for tomorrow morning to see what kind of race it will be. Yesterday it was 80 here as a high and today the temperature has dropped to the mid- 50s. Tomorrow it is supposed to be just as chilly with the possibility to be raining as well. That will be a nice challenge for me- I'm not a fan of cold, so to add the rain to it as well....well, let's just say that it's going to be interesting.


  1. Hey Cara, how did it go this morning? How was the weather? It sleeted and had sleet/snow mix here yesterday. I'm still not very committed but I asked Josiah earlier in the week to run with me because he was bragging about running an 8 minute mile in gym class. I think that should hold me accountable. He has already reminded me 3 times....what was I thinking? :)

  2. Saya dari indonesia,salam kenal ya bro, Nitip gan