Monday, August 22, 2011

First 5k

Is now behind me! It was actually a pretty nice race, the course was through the North Carolina Zoo and in the morning you get to see a few animals up and moving around. The only problem- lots of hills! I was reminded how much I like running in Virginia- nice and flat here by the beach :) I met my goal of being finished in under an hour- 54 minutes to be exact. May not sound like a lot to many, but I was happy with it- it was definitely a run/walk situation, so I was satisfied with that finishing time. Next up will be the Rock and Roll Half- which will also be a run/walk, but this one I will just be happy to finish!

School starts for my kiddos after Labor day, so I will be able to have a more consistent training program that will allow for me to meet my goal of completely running the rest of the races on my list!

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